Success of the event "The New Era of Digital Data".

Success of the event "The New Era of Digital Data".

Milan, Italy - 8th May 2019 - Parametric Design, a company active in the market of CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM / IoT/ AR / and Multiphysics Simulation, together with NAV-LAB want to communicate the success of the event "The New Era of Digital Data: the path to digital transformation", organized last May 8 with its historical partners PTC , Ansys  and Microsoft at the Milanese headquarters of the same Microsoft. In fact, the participants who accepted the invitation of the organizers, in particular Parametric Design, were numerous and attentive. In particular, the question-and-answer session saw an active interest on the part of various professionals, who asked pertinent questions of certain interest.

The stimulus, moreover, was provided first of all by the contents of the presentations and videos shown by the speakers, starting with the welcome of Marco Pettenella, Co-Founder and Business Developer of Parametric Design, who traced the history of the Company, underlining its most salient aspects, starting with the birth in 2001 and the subsequent opening of Parametric Design Suisse, the Swiss subsidiary of Parametric Design, in 2008.

"The identity of Parametric Design is summarized by: "We help companies create intelligent, innovative and interconnected products," Pettenella said, "responding to the need to align people, systems and processes, according to the claim 'Your Technology Advisor'.

In his speech, Umberto Bramani, commercial director of NAV-LAB, highlighted the growth of his company, partner of Parametric Design, which, founded in 2003, has now reached over 60 million euros in turnover and, thanks to more than 600 projects carried out with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM, has a 13% share of the Italian market for Dynamics 365 Business Central thanks to its solution Tempo Zero.

"Tempo Zero is a platform designed to facilitate dialogue between the ERP world and the real needs of companies," Bramani commented, "with the aim of putting the customer at the centre of the solutions we develop on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. To date, it is the solution with the May number of installations in Italy on companies that have chosen NAV".

The following presentations, linked thanks to the strong partnership between the companies involved, Microsoft and PTC, were illustrated in close connection with each other. Mattia De Rosa, Cloud & Enterprise Business Group Lead, spoke about Microsoft and highlighted some aspects of Microsoft's strategy with regard to Cloud, IoT and Digital Transformation.

"The IoT will have an overall economic impact in 2025 between 3.9 and 11 billion dollars," said De Rosa, "of which almost 4 billion will be related to investment in industrial production. This is a necessary low-level technological enabler for devices to communicate with each other.

Above the infrastructure layer of the Microsoft Azure cloud, PTC offers its own software platforms, from Windchill (PLM) to Vuforia (AR), from Creo (3D CAD) to Thingworx (IIoT, Industrial Internet of Things). The result is an offer of pre-built industrial solutions that are ready to be used after a simple configuration and can be customized according to specific customer needs and requirements. This results in very fast deployment and maximum flexibility.

"The use of Microsoft Azure technology and, for example, of Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality glasses", commented Roberta Barsotti, Partner Ecosystem Manager of PTC, "has allowed several joint PTC-Microsoft customers to drastically reduce the development time of new products and to make maintenance operations in the field more efficient and effective".


Davide De Cesaris, IoT & AR Field Engineering Manager, South Europe of PTC, explained some fundamental aspects of Digital Transformation, stressing that it is already possible to highlight some tangible benefits, such as a 50% reduction in unforeseen downtime of machinery, a 90% improvement in immediate quality in production, a 40% reduction in maintenance costs, among others. "The formula for failure in the introduction of new technologies is this: NT+OO=EOO", said De Cesaris, ", where NT is the new technology, OO is the old organization and EOO is an old organization more expensive. We need to change the corporate culture when introducing new technologies.


Finally, ANSYS, a leader in simulation software, explained how it is possible to drastically reduce production times, costs and risks through the use of simulation technologies, ultimately obtaining quality products with better characteristics and performance.

"ANSYS is able to offer a complete simulation platform, with the best multiphysics simulation on the market (material characteristics, structures, electromagnetic fields, optics and more)", commented Fabio Bonsanto, Senior Application Engineer at ANSYS ". Through the Digital Twin, virtual twins of real products, ANSYS is able to simulate in a complete and realistic way the behavior of the various components of a complex product in order to ensure the operation in various environmental conditions of stress or other that test the characteristics of the products.

Finally, in their joint presentation, Bonsanto of ANSYS and De Cesaris of PTC stressed how the announced partnership between the two companies is bearing important fruit, citing various solutions developed with customers in various market sectors.


All partners and participants praised Parametric Design's organisation of the event, noting that the participants had been particularly attentive and participative".

"The outcome of this event held at Microsoft's headquarters in Milan with our partners makes us happy to have achieved the goal of communicating to the market our ability to design and support our customers and partners," concluded Franco F. Mele, Founder and Sales Manager of Parametric Design. With the right help from serious and trained professionals such as those who make up our teams, we can ensure our customers a rapid and successful development in all areas of current technology, towards a true digital transformation.

Parametric Design

Parametric Design, founded in 2001 from the intuition of Franco Mele, an expert in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and technology and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) tools and technologies, achieved brilliant results in just a few years, turning some leading companies into various primary market sectors and gaining a position of absolute importance in the current panorama of Digital Transformation, IoT technologies and Augmented Reality.

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